Saturday Oct 16

Fuck With Me

Spot Light - Mr. Jimmy Mack

We picking him up on his release date and it's going down on camera.

Our guy Jimmy Mack, wants his grove back! We are watching the clock for brother Jimmy’s touch down. He has only one request of us. He says when we pick him up the day he comes home, we need to have the camera with us and somebody to fuck in the back seat on his way home to our crib. Watch our members newsletter for details. Hmmmmmm who should we bring? Is it you? Members contact us if you want to be that special ‘somethin somethin’ to ride with us.

Jimmy Mack - 24 years old, sentenced to prison for non violent offenses. Still says he didn’t do it, but thats not the important part, the important part is he served his time and ready for a fresh start. He got his body perfect! Plus he says all the jacking off he done has helped his dick grow to a pleasing 12 inches! He has no racial hangups, and don’t trip over age or weight issues. He is looking for someone who wants to build a relationship. Plus be able to handle his sexual appetite.