Saturday Oct 16

Fuck With Me

Soon to Come Home

Masculine 'Thug-Out' yet super friendly guy needs love. Big Dick! Nice Abs and ASS massive FREAK.

Growing up completely str8 and never having a clue that they would be into same gender loving. Contrary to popular belief that it’s not the absence of the opposite sex that brings out the hidden desires to be with another man. Most times these desires surface when put in and environment where they see others like themselfs involved openly. In some prisons a lot of guys can opening be involved with other guys sexually. Were not talking about all out open sex but they are not condemned for same gender loving. Imagine being a super masculine "thugged out" guy who wants to have sex with another man, yet fear of being discovered. So in some cases the masculine guy learns he can still be himself, yet explore the hidden feelings he has. What happens when they are removed from a sometimes gay friendly environment and placed back into a homophobic environment? They suppress there feelings until they can hook up behind closed doors. So why not catch one before they return to society.
Mark Cooper - soon to return to society. Hit him up and connect.

Mark Cooper # 30181-424


P.O. BOX 5000
PEKIN, IL  61555